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Training the World to Use Tech

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Tech News

Find out what going on in the southwest and gadgets. Tech gear news is live every week interviewing the local of El Paso, one of the most uniquelycultural areas in America. The best source for the latest apps, gadgets and more techs to change the world is the El Paso Examiner.

Freelance Writing

Here’s a link to the only place to find an online portfolio where all of freelance writing colliding into a free content fest. The recent update has allowed for everyone to comment on all of the publications that fund the website and company. There will be more to come so subscribe for their free contentand learn how to freelance and write science.  

Science News 

Here is more science coming start from the heartland. The latest science news is always here with the Detroit Science Examiner. Keep commenting on the greatest science in the history of humankind, knowledge is gained with criticism and questions. 

Greener Than Ever

Alternative energy has hit the market. Everyone is using something cleaner of better for the environment. In the next few years the mandates will become stricter and destroying Mother Nature will be more criminal and costly than ever.

Education for the Future

Education is the key to the future of green living and harmony. Learning more about the best ways to live and opening your mind to a greater reality is the goal of everything you read here click all the links to keep the brain foaming for more.

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Tech Gear News Hot Topics


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The tech gear news blog is live and streaming some great content to its audience. No need to check them out however we have the latest links here. Tech gear news is everywhere, so a special social media definition guide was created for those interested. This examiner site is the home of the latest tech content available by our staff so check in often to stay ahead of the game. No one wants to use yesterday's technology. 

This is no surprise that back-linking to your favorite science content will allow Google to first the article a better ranking for key phrases. That is why this post is is, just in case some people are not aware of the science content that constantly comes from Richard Nelson and his team of elite writers and marketers. Th recent post have been about freelance science writing and how to help your audience understand science.

More general topics have also come out of our workshop including an article about the Lions worst moments with video links to some crazy mess ups. That was for Yahoo Sports, an occasional client for any great science writer. Yahoo provides great services for beginning writers and experts too.

Here are some great green energy types from an article post to another popular examiner column to follow. There is a great list and links to the best definition for green energy sources. Several green energy types are explain at the news column and alternative energy topics of all types. Ever wonder what the oldest green energy source is, you have to click the previous link to find out.

Content is king and so is science, so what can be better than great science articles. Just in time for Black Friday 2011, the science experts have published a guide to some great gifts that are on sale at These are crazy science products that will please any science fan so read about it at the hyperlink. There are several new articles here and they all have the twist of a columnist.

Subscribe and comment, be back with more updates and posts for the fans.

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Zemanta helped me add links & pictures to this email. It can do it for you too.
Zemanta helped me add links & pictures to this email. It can do it for you too.

Tech Gear News on Posterous

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 26: A general view of the...

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This is the first post for this blog on posterous. Apps for travel are a major source of news right now with Thanksgiving Day around the corner. There are some great article around now to find out where to go with ever talking to anyone or looking at a map. This first post and all others will cover the best tech gear news. Fans feel free to comment on any of our posts we love criticism. Please tell us what's on your minds and hot topic you'd like to see more information on. 

Zemanta helped me add links & pictures to this email. It can do it for you too.

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Zemanta helped me add links & pictures to this email. It can do it for you too.

Tech Gear News Live

Tech Gear News Live

Tech Gear News Topics

This is our introductory blog post. Please join us, follow the latest tech gear news and report it to the world. This post will not contain any news except the best tech gear news ever.

Our favorite tech gear news column is the El Paso Gadgets Examiner. The amount of information in this field is staggering so we will try to keep out. Put some of your favorite ideas in the comments and we will follow up with an awesome blog post. Got it?!

Thanks for reading we are always  ready for suggestions.

Richard Nelson

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