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Tech News: A Physical Approach

Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics

Image by mbaglole via Flickr

The technology age owes most of its advancements to theoretical physics. This month freelance science writing has become much more popular. What better way to celebrate than to read all about the coolest physics as the following website has made January physics month. With a constant stream of physic themed articles designed to teach and discuss the fascinating world of modern physics you’ll want to check out

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Did you know that Albert Einstein was and still is the most famous scientist in history? Did you also know that he made one of the biggest mistakes in science’s history? You have to find out Einstein’s biggest mistake at the newest freelance science writing website (hint click the links).

But there’s more, and in science writing there is always more. A recent guest blog discussed the importance of long tail keywords, and how science long tail keywords can be used to help the search engines locate the most recent information about any science topic.

The future is in the hands of theoretical physics. As the energy crisis continues toward an apex in 2050, it is important that new ways of looking at the universe become more available. Quantum biology and other interdisciplinary sciences are emerging at historical rates. Alternative energy will need the new understandings and discoveries of these new fields to continue to fight the energy crisis.

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