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Geothermal Energy Development - California

Geothermal Energy Development – California (Photo credit: SkyTruth)

The best part about writing a blog, that I have found so far, is the ability to mesh common experience with drop dead tips. I started this month out with a great article about how to avoid over scheduling. The best part about this post is that it’s quite short. If you only have an extra minute, then click the link or run to my main website where I conduct real business at.  I can be found in many places so just get on board however you can before we set sail and allow no new passengers. 

There is no way to explain my relationship with So, I won’t even try but I did provide a great news clip for the entire world to witness the “day the oil companies died.” I take a few important events from the end of March pertaining to alternative energy and conclude that oil will not be the source of energy at the end of my life. It’s quite important info in that one and pays me if you read my articles, so please read.

I have finally set up a blog for everyone to laugh at my daily experiences. Isn’t this fun?  I plan to blog and construct all- important informative articles each and every day. This week I faced the dreaded weekend blog  and performed rather well, in that I actually posted something.  I did blow the chance at a holiday blog post but I had an extremely busy Easter Day. Since the website is much more open to conversation, drop a line and have a good time. 

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: StSaling)

In the world of self employmentmonkeys are king, at least Japanese macaques. There have been recent observations of micro evolution that show a striking relationship to how we human do business. The monkeys are not only fun to watch but educational as well. I wrote a great article on my website, if you hurry it may still be on the home page. If not click the link in this paragraph, it will take you directly to the article.

This week has been productive in terms of freelance science writing. There have been many updates in the world, as of late, that show signs of our own evolving intelligence. I have been getting my mind dirty with all sorts of science from apes to Kalamazoo. The current projects of making a new theory of everything and transforming the human identify have come to a complete halt so it has left plenty of time to write for the fans and hopefully entice a client of two.




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