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Pinterest is Taking Over


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The best part about science writing in 2012 is the new ways to reach audiences. If you have Pinterest for this reason then you are probably on top off your social media marketing. Many companies are joining in the race to reach these new audiences and Faceboook has become an ads fest. This makes a market for us that don’t want corporations to impose on our ability to reach fresh minds.

The most popular topic for me this week is social media widgets. They are everywhere and not always easy to use. I tried out Chime Wigdet here on WordPress and had no luck. I was able to place the widget in many other spots so it is still very useful. If you are new to Chime. In, come over and check it out. The communities are great for learning and they have absolutely NO ADS. It might even shock you if you have been on Facebook a while.

If you want to be an independent science writer you have to be committed to the learning by practicing process. It takes some courage because this career is in no way a spectator sport. Trying new approaches and learning the most intense information in the history of human knowledge, are everyday events in the life of science writing. The most important thing to remember is to never give up and always find an outline for your brilliance.

Even the weather can inspire great writing. The fake weather  of March 2012 has finally pasted but not without some serious consequences. Dallas had killer tornadoes and many crops are ruined due to frosting and other unseasonal flowering and blooming. Climatologists are really taking advantage of this warm winter and so are many other global warming enthusiasts.  

Using science to present human nature in the form of science fiction has always been a popular outlet for science writers. The ideal abduction, is a concept I have been playing with lately. I plan to finish a short flash fiction to test my skills in creative writing. The basic idea is that we have a lot of “growing” as a society before we are ready to handle what the future has in store.


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