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Hutchinson knew something mom

Freelance science can be a tricky subject. Many experiments and endeavors, like the Hutchinson experiments, are too hard to duplicate and are often performed under the worst possible laboratory condition, due to a lack in both funding and understanding of methodology. One special subject, cold fusion, has made a new impact though. Even though the original experimental results were never duplicated, new techniques are showing how the scientists’ (Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann) lab could have actually created them, in a fluke like environment.

 The science of origami (yes, the science of the art of folding) has become very popular in the last decade. Origami has helped every field and industry from molecular biology to cosmology. Many new folding techniques are being work on everyday by packing scientists and other engineers needing to cram a big object into a tiny space.

Science writing services are the wave of the future. The days of not knowing science are over. Just to get out of bed, I taught of the science of sleeping, “hypnology”, the science of walking, called kinesiology. The amount of information being developed everyday is also staggering. This makes for an inversed “double whammy” for the science writing industry more jobs and more job sources. There is one downside and that is: the more people that learn science the more competition these science writing service providers will have. 

Who can forget Einstein? Probably nobody at least for quite some time yet, like until the end of civilization itself. Why is that, why does he make such a difference in ours lives.?

He never explained science entirely well, no; Einstein was not a science writer. He was a scientist, big difference. Many scientists have a communications issue; in fact Einstein was considered an autistic child as he never said a single word until he was four.

Learning about the awesome power of the sun is called, astronomy; well, other sciences get involved too. To study a solar flare involves biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, math, human psychology and more.  There is so much science, that studying the sun’s activity has become its own science, let’s call it solar meteorology. This is Nisha’s favorite subject to write about, one of my “star” pupils.



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