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Technology Trends: Green Lifestyle

A Charlieplexed digital clock which controls 9...

A Charlieplexed digital clock which controls 90 LEDs with 10 pins of a PIC16C54 microcontroller. Click to enlarge picture. Medworks’s page about the Charlieplexed clock in the picture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Possibly my favorite, although I throw that word around, science related subject to inform audiences of is that involving alternative energy. The green lifestyle that many are preaching today will become the common culture of future generations. Like, rock-n-roll was for some still alive, the green movement is to the current leader generation of our nations. It also has been receiving the right amount of disregard and degradation to achieve a brutal success, again compare with the history of rock-n-roll movement.

A major part of freelance writing services is that of SEO. The fact that search engines are the most likely source of targeted “free” traffic cannot be overlooked when writing an online article. There are quite a few rules to look into if you want to conquer the science of SEO. Meta tags and back-links are two important factors. Along with onsite SEO and high quality offsite SEO, the efforts to maintain a constant feed from search engines are impeccable and ever-challenging.

It is Mother’s Day for some but I am writing science for all. There is no need to take a day off from something you love. It is like trying to stop eating or breathing. The awesome science writing services I provide for companies, magazines, and newsrooms come from this love, for sure. Right now and forever more I reckon, I am working on two books with several students I train and marketing for the best science writing jobs available, freelance, of course.

The website I have developed also has become an excellent place to find science writing resources. I recently started a page to list them all, provided by me and guests who make comments. The best resource I have found comes from Duke University; they have a complete guide that I will refer all future students to, in order to get over the basics, necessary to start a science writing career.

In the mean time, and time is very mean, I have received ample experience in time management. So to avoid over scheduling I decided to make a quick to do list, which I posted on the website as awesome freebie for all fans. Three special steps, like any child knows, works well for all. This article was designed for a wider audience, so if science is not your thing, I can draw you in with a time management article and sneak some science up my selves in the mean time.




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