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Using tech to stay on track

All importantly is how to avoid over scheduling. Several strategies exist but the most important thing to remember is that you can’t “make” time. Finding it is pretty hard too, but definitely can’t make any, not even physicists have figured out how to do that. Or even what time really is; crazy right? The smartest people on the planet have not the slightest clue as to what time is.

Of course, my favorite subject is science writing services. It’s how I live and contribute the world around me. My essential practice is not to discuss science terms or debate with the physicists. It is to use scienc to write, a new color to the pedestal. Many people have this color but fear using it or use it improper. Like red and white, to get a quiescent pink you must carefully add the slightest amount of red to enough white for the whole painting. 

Blogging about what I do as a science writer is not always easy. Many days I do very little as a science writer, but I do a lot with publishing and marketing my writing. I try to do everything “in house” so I have learned enough to self publish books and set up membership sites. The newest science writing has been focusing on personal experiences with science, health has many stories from normal people who have never stepped a foot in a college classroom, but are more intelligible than some doctors cutting on patients right now.

One of the best posts on the main site is about the hiv mechanism for entry into helper T-cells For an extra added bonus Soumashree covers the other “HIV” Human Influenza Virus. This post has been on a roll with search engines anything from “learning about viruses” to “how does HIV work” are landing on the main site.

The hottest debate on the planet comes down to religion vs science. I proclaimed science the winner, but was not too clear myself. It seems that science doesn’t even exist with religion; it is a form of religion in fact.  Today the priests of M-theory and Monks of Standard Model are prepping an all out battle for the control console to the universe. 


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Freelance science writing all day and night. I'm an expert at writing, marketing, and publishing. Providing writing services nearly everyday, SEO rich articles about science and tech are my specialties. I also love to make money so I'm for hire as an independent communications expert and business consultant with specializations in project management, writing, science, and engineering. With a vast network of professionals in various fields backed by two degrees, 180 credits hours, 6 graduate courses and several awards and recommendations along the way, who could go wrong?

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