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Build your own game on the Android

Getting a game out of my mind into a computer turns out to be much easier than I had imagined. The good part of the last week of March was spent designing a new game with an Android xml editor for others to learn the basics of role playing and how to teach using the game format. It turns out one learns communications better when pretending to be, say a wizard, and others playing a warrior learn scare tactics and manipulation techniques at an alarmingly faster rate as well.

The Android Emulator home screen.

The Android Emulator home screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, if you don’t know already I offer them, science writing services. At the best rates as well, practically free compared to a University that won’t guarantee any results. Well I do because I know exactly what to do to get results with your science writing, no matter what. I also spill the beans all day as well so keep an ear open and you’ll learn all of my secrets eventually. Or Ask A Question!!!

I have been up to my ears sorting out the best science writing resources for my audience on my science ezine. There has never been a better time to talk about what you know because others want to know it too. Those in Africa need hygiene tips that you might find common sense. If you do it correctly a few facts of science might be spread in the process of information sharing.

The best part about running a science publication company is the people you meet and of course the amazing science writers that want to be a part of the scene. There is no better way to brand you as a science writer theses day than to go to a blog and make a guest post. This is now the better way because any one can go to a blog communicator or ezine publisher and do the same thing multiple times in front of a targeted audience.

Since the start of my professional career, I have always been teaching others about the facts. The new science writing training system I offer has not let anyone down and landed some students new fulltime science writer positions.  If you want in on the action click the ad or one of our links here to get started.







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Facebook Declares Sponsored Stories Their Primary Ad Unit

Facebook Declares Sponsored Stories Their Primary Ad Unit.


Amazing tech and sci news

At the main site we are finding amazing science writers to contribute to our library and gain exposure, knowledge and hands on experience so critical to a great writers career. I edit and publish everything but most of what is researched and written comes rom leading scientists in fields like biotechnology, medical science and many others. We do need your support though so come buy and buy us a cup of coffee.

We might all suffer for nodding disease but not the kind that many are thinking. The official syndrome Nodding syndrome is having a big impact on the development of Africa. It has become a major spreading disease in country, like Uganda, had has no positive source of the dieses. Many leads have been taken but no conclusive cause has been identified as it continues to spread across much of the African continent.

Next book idea is for anyone who has experienced firsthand the trauma of major surgery. You’re now a health experience in a very estranged area that many need encouragement and knowledge of and within. This can be your calling as with our recent guest contributor Laurel. She had hip replacement surgery, which went well at first but wasn’t a walk in the park. Afterwards she survived and has a lot of knowledge about the experience that she shares with the world.

Getting the most out of science for your company of personal affairs usually involves some sort of science writing services.  Possible the most common is in the form of references. They can also be original content or other creations from a well-versed science writer of communications expert, like me. I provide many services but love to help out with science writing and other communication issues for scientist, engineers and designers.

Playing your favorite game or using your favorite app has become second nature to many Americans. There is now an easy to use  Android xml editor can be made using Eclipse or other libraries. The problem is always the bugs though, so learning the basic of xml and C languages can be helpful, unless you like bugs.