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Build your own game on the Android

Getting a game out of my mind into a computer turns out to be much easier than I had imagined. The good part of the last week of March was spent designing a new game with an Android xml editor for others to learn the basics of role playing and how to teach using the game format. It turns out one learns communications better when pretending to be, say a wizard, and others playing a warrior learn scare tactics and manipulation techniques at an alarmingly faster rate as well.

The Android Emulator home screen.

The Android Emulator home screen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, if you don’t know already I offer them, science writing services. At the best rates as well, practically free compared to a University that won’t guarantee any results. Well I do because I know exactly what to do to get results with your science writing, no matter what. I also spill the beans all day as well so keep an ear open and you’ll learn all of my secrets eventually. Or Ask A Question!!!

I have been up to my ears sorting out the best science writing resources for my audience on my science ezine. There has never been a better time to talk about what you know because others want to know it too. Those in Africa need hygiene tips that you might find common sense. If you do it correctly a few facts of science might be spread in the process of information sharing.

The best part about running a science publication company is the people you meet and of course the amazing science writers that want to be a part of the scene. There is no better way to brand you as a science writer theses day than to go to a blog and make a guest post. This is now the better way because any one can go to a blog communicator or ezine publisher and do the same thing multiple times in front of a targeted audience.

Since the start of my professional career, I have always been teaching others about the facts. The new science writing training system I offer has not let anyone down and landed some students new fulltime science writer positions.  If you want in on the action click the ad or one of our links here to get started.







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Facebook Declares Sponsored Stories Their Primary Ad Unit

Facebook Declares Sponsored Stories Their Primary Ad Unit.


Amazing tech and sci news

At the main site we are finding amazing science writers to contribute to our library and gain exposure, knowledge and hands on experience so critical to a great writers career. I edit and publish everything but most of what is researched and written comes rom leading scientists in fields like biotechnology, medical science and many others. We do need your support though so come buy and buy us a cup of coffee.

We might all suffer for nodding disease but not the kind that many are thinking. The official syndrome Nodding syndrome is having a big impact on the development of Africa. It has become a major spreading disease in country, like Uganda, had has no positive source of the dieses. Many leads have been taken but no conclusive cause has been identified as it continues to spread across much of the African continent.

Next book idea is for anyone who has experienced firsthand the trauma of major surgery. You’re now a health experience in a very estranged area that many need encouragement and knowledge of and within. This can be your calling as with our recent guest contributor Laurel. She had hip replacement surgery, which went well at first but wasn’t a walk in the park. Afterwards she survived and has a lot of knowledge about the experience that she shares with the world.

Getting the most out of science for your company of personal affairs usually involves some sort of science writing services.  Possible the most common is in the form of references. They can also be original content or other creations from a well-versed science writer of communications expert, like me. I provide many services but love to help out with science writing and other communication issues for scientist, engineers and designers.

Playing your favorite game or using your favorite app has become second nature to many Americans. There is now an easy to use  Android xml editor can be made using Eclipse or other libraries. The problem is always the bugs though, so learning the basic of xml and C languages can be helpful, unless you like bugs.


Droid Time

Learning computers has become no more than a logic problem these days, so I group computers and math as such. This new way to program, well not new but new to me, called an Android xml editor, was a recent topic I discussed with my El Paso audience. They enjoyed the fact that now they can make their own applications in less time and also they can get training in no time flat.

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Do you want science writing services, of course, we all do! That’s why today is your lucky day; I am being super silly here. Come over to our site by clicking any link and check out the $1000 you can win. I know giving away a grand sounds like a scam but take a look we are here for the science writing community.

So much science so little time. This week I have some hip replacement surgery information. The most important parts to know are left or right and “Yes,” you want to go through with it. Our recent Guest Laurel showed us how even in the worst situations there can be success with this type of surgery.

There are so many new ways to reach audiences that even the New York Times is reducing staff to reconsider its position in the world of media. That is why it is critical to start science writing training now so you don’t fall behind. Its all new and if you thought you might have had an idea of what science journalism was like then guess again. We are doing more online then off these days. Even though the scientists are in the blab they are looking for ways to get the word out and using the internet more and more.  

There is much more to learn about getting total hip replacement. A definitive guide was republished on our site this time in the light of a very successful and smooth sailing operation. If you have considered major surgery before or your doctor is recommending it, it is important that you know you must quit smoking, and stay that way, up until you have completely healed.





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Wolrdwide crimes

BERLIN, GERMANY - MARCH 31:  A volunteer light...

BERLIN, GERMANY – MARCH 31: A volunteer lights one of 5000 blue and green candles in an eight-meter shape of Planet Earth in front of the Brandenburg Gate during Earth Hour 2012 on March 31, 2012 in Berlin, Germany. According to organizers, Earth Hour 2012 has participants including individuals, companies and landmarks in 147 countries and territories and over 5,000 cities agreeing to switch off their lights for one hour. The Brandenburg Gate, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Big Ben Clock Tower in London, the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and the Empire State Building in New York are among the monuments whose operators have agreed to participate in the demonstration. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)


This was our first post on the science of criminology. It seems the worldwide who’ who scam has grown into a wild ride for those getting convince that buying your reputation is worth your while. It is not and we have the post to prove it, thanks Lorlie. She is our newest contributor at

Every day it become more clear that we are all in need of science writing services and that’s why we are getting more clients and a better brand as we go. The company has had a smash of a launch (started May 7th) dozens of signups for full time students and many contributors wanting and willing to help. Click a link to find out what all the fuss is about and start breathing life into your knowledge.

This is the first time two sets of “syns” have run “sim”. I will be attempting a “cont. syn” process to help the SEO of my newest science writing website. All of the “lingo” being used you will see in my new book on SEO for scientists. Believe this internet marketing stuff will help the world get to know you, just follow the signs.

Learn science comes from anywhere like the fact that nodding disease is spreading in Africa. The freelancing community has reached out and offered this article for our fans to learn the latest information about this terrible disease. Fauz has helped study the disease directly and supplies some great news on the developments mainly in Uganda.

This debate has reached a new aged point of view with books and movies of recent years. The debate of religion vs science has been ongoing for thousands of years. The final straw just might be around the bend. Really!

The battle of planet Earth’s inhabitants might finally go completely one-sided in just a few months. As scientist themselves are starting to conceal and confine themselves into sectors very similar and segregating to religions, in behavior, form, and function.



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Using tech to stay on track

All importantly is how to avoid over scheduling. Several strategies exist but the most important thing to remember is that you can’t “make” time. Finding it is pretty hard too, but definitely can’t make any, not even physicists have figured out how to do that. Or even what time really is; crazy right? The smartest people on the planet have not the slightest clue as to what time is.

Of course, my favorite subject is science writing services. It’s how I live and contribute the world around me. My essential practice is not to discuss science terms or debate with the physicists. It is to use scienc to write, a new color to the pedestal. Many people have this color but fear using it or use it improper. Like red and white, to get a quiescent pink you must carefully add the slightest amount of red to enough white for the whole painting. 

Blogging about what I do as a science writer is not always easy. Many days I do very little as a science writer, but I do a lot with publishing and marketing my writing. I try to do everything “in house” so I have learned enough to self publish books and set up membership sites. The newest science writing has been focusing on personal experiences with science, health has many stories from normal people who have never stepped a foot in a college classroom, but are more intelligible than some doctors cutting on patients right now.

One of the best posts on the main site is about the hiv mechanism for entry into helper T-cells For an extra added bonus Soumashree covers the other “HIV” Human Influenza Virus. This post has been on a roll with search engines anything from “learning about viruses” to “how does HIV work” are landing on the main site.

The hottest debate on the planet comes down to religion vs science. I proclaimed science the winner, but was not too clear myself. It seems that science doesn’t even exist with religion; it is a form of religion in fact.  Today the priests of M-theory and Monks of Standard Model are prepping an all out battle for the control console to the universe. 

Technology Trends: Green Lifestyle

A Charlieplexed digital clock which controls 9...

A Charlieplexed digital clock which controls 90 LEDs with 10 pins of a PIC16C54 microcontroller. Click to enlarge picture. Medworks’s page about the Charlieplexed clock in the picture. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Possibly my favorite, although I throw that word around, science related subject to inform audiences of is that involving alternative energy. The green lifestyle that many are preaching today will become the common culture of future generations. Like, rock-n-roll was for some still alive, the green movement is to the current leader generation of our nations. It also has been receiving the right amount of disregard and degradation to achieve a brutal success, again compare with the history of rock-n-roll movement.

A major part of freelance writing services is that of SEO. The fact that search engines are the most likely source of targeted “free” traffic cannot be overlooked when writing an online article. There are quite a few rules to look into if you want to conquer the science of SEO. Meta tags and back-links are two important factors. Along with onsite SEO and high quality offsite SEO, the efforts to maintain a constant feed from search engines are impeccable and ever-challenging.

It is Mother’s Day for some but I am writing science for all. There is no need to take a day off from something you love. It is like trying to stop eating or breathing. The awesome science writing services I provide for companies, magazines, and newsrooms come from this love, for sure. Right now and forever more I reckon, I am working on two books with several students I train and marketing for the best science writing jobs available, freelance, of course.

The website I have developed also has become an excellent place to find science writing resources. I recently started a page to list them all, provided by me and guests who make comments. The best resource I have found comes from Duke University; they have a complete guide that I will refer all future students to, in order to get over the basics, necessary to start a science writing career.

In the mean time, and time is very mean, I have received ample experience in time management. So to avoid over scheduling I decided to make a quick to do list, which I posted on the website as awesome freebie for all fans. Three special steps, like any child knows, works well for all. This article was designed for a wider audience, so if science is not your thing, I can draw you in with a time management article and sneak some science up my selves in the mean time.




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