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Hutchinson knew something mom

Freelance science can be a tricky subject. Many experiments and endeavors, like the Hutchinson experiments, are too hard to duplicate and are often performed under the worst possible laboratory condition, due to a lack in both funding and understanding of methodology. One special subject, cold fusion, has made a new impact though. Even though the original experimental results were never duplicated, new techniques are showing how the scientists’ (Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann) lab could have actually created them, in a fluke like environment.

 The science of origami (yes, the science of the art of folding) has become very popular in the last decade. Origami has helped every field and industry from molecular biology to cosmology. Many new folding techniques are being work on everyday by packing scientists and other engineers needing to cram a big object into a tiny space.

Science writing services are the wave of the future. The days of not knowing science are over. Just to get out of bed, I taught of the science of sleeping, “hypnology”, the science of walking, called kinesiology. The amount of information being developed everyday is also staggering. This makes for an inversed “double whammy” for the science writing industry more jobs and more job sources. There is one downside and that is: the more people that learn science the more competition these science writing service providers will have. 

Who can forget Einstein? Probably nobody at least for quite some time yet, like until the end of civilization itself. Why is that, why does he make such a difference in ours lives.?

He never explained science entirely well, no; Einstein was not a science writer. He was a scientist, big difference. Many scientists have a communications issue; in fact Einstein was considered an autistic child as he never said a single word until he was four.

Learning about the awesome power of the sun is called, astronomy; well, other sciences get involved too. To study a solar flare involves biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, math, human psychology and more.  There is so much science, that studying the sun’s activity has become its own science, let’s call it solar meteorology. This is Nisha’s favorite subject to write about, one of my “star” pupils.



Science Writing to Talk About

The Story of Science in America

The Story of Science in America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Science in America has changed dramatically over the last decade. The only thing that hasn’t change is the way many think they can receive science. Many online sources have emerged from the latest scientists, like Dr. Susskind, who does Youtube videos on physics, that are changing American by the minute.

Writing about science always has its challenges. A recent investigation into viral entry, showed how over coming those challenges of communications results in excellent looking online articles. A student of mine presented a well researched article but needed the proper guidance to make it the 500 page view a day dozy it became. A little professional touch can go a long way.

I cannot imagine a time in human history without access to science. Science writing services are now making even the “ordinary Joe” able to tell the world about “himself”. There are many ways to write about science and that is why science writing services are so helpful. They specialize at knowing how to write science to a specific audience. The science and the audience change but the services are the same.

Many magazines are pushing this new form of global communications further, like Design News, telling the average scientist, technologist or engineer that they can make their idea, intention, or patent to the market they desire and to other marketing they never thought about too. Perhaps a book about PC vs Mac or pushing a new writing utensil to market, magazines and other communications are becoming easier to access. 

Engineering writing is what I do best. Many ask me what that is , and I tell them I make nuts and bolts interesting. I recently wrote one for Rotor Clip soon to be published. I will let you know when it, of course. They are a manufacturer or retaining rings. Yup, I made retaining rings fun, for engineers that is.


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Tech and science go hand and hand

Cover of "The Hunger Games"

Cover of The Hunger Games

Redshirt comic

Redshirt comic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Check out this science site from our sponsors. It is really cool and has the best articles about science and technology. It just underwent a total transformation so if you have been there before you need to check it out again. I believe the world will be a better place when more science is taught to everyone in different ways so that we can all understand.

The latest underwater turbines are being tested for use in the Great Lakes. There are some that are concerned about the environmental impact these windmills of the water are going to have. Already testing has shown potential signs of damaging habitats but there are new innovations to jump these hurdles as we approach a new age in electricity generation.

Are you in need of science writing services? Not sure, well then this is the place for you. This blog covers all the ways science writing can benefit everyone. From learning how to perform services as a science writer to learning how science can help you develop in any aspect of your life, this is the place to be.  The topics are never boring here, even though many say science is boring, all of our fans disagree.

There is this great science fiction story out, hot off the press. It is available on the main website if you can find it but parts of it are located at Yahoo! Voices.  There is no limit to the imagine I have, I swear. Read this science flash fiction and find out the levels my imagination reach in this down to earth way of describing a closer encounter of a really close kind. It need to be reviewed so you can use it as you next book review to post, right?

Today, there is great deal of science in the movies, beyond what Star Trek gave us, today’s movie really like to put science in the spotlight. The newest movie I have seen with this schema was The Hunger Games. I wrote a weekend blog about it recently but not too sure where I put that link.Anyways, if you are wondering why I am using italics I guess I’ll have to give bigger clues, next time.





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Pinterest is Taking Over


Pinterest (Photo credit: PixByDee)


The best part about science writing in 2012 is the new ways to reach audiences. If you have Pinterest for this reason then you are probably on top off your social media marketing. Many companies are joining in the race to reach these new audiences and Faceboook has become an ads fest. This makes a market for us that don’t want corporations to impose on our ability to reach fresh minds.

The most popular topic for me this week is social media widgets. They are everywhere and not always easy to use. I tried out Chime Wigdet here on WordPress and had no luck. I was able to place the widget in many other spots so it is still very useful. If you are new to Chime. In, come over and check it out. The communities are great for learning and they have absolutely NO ADS. It might even shock you if you have been on Facebook a while.

If you want to be an independent science writer you have to be committed to the learning by practicing process. It takes some courage because this career is in no way a spectator sport. Trying new approaches and learning the most intense information in the history of human knowledge, are everyday events in the life of science writing. The most important thing to remember is to never give up and always find an outline for your brilliance.

Even the weather can inspire great writing. The fake weather  of March 2012 has finally pasted but not without some serious consequences. Dallas had killer tornadoes and many crops are ruined due to frosting and other unseasonal flowering and blooming. Climatologists are really taking advantage of this warm winter and so are many other global warming enthusiasts.  

Using science to present human nature in the form of science fiction has always been a popular outlet for science writers. The ideal abduction, is a concept I have been playing with lately. I plan to finish a short flash fiction to test my skills in creative writing. The basic idea is that we have a lot of “growing” as a society before we are ready to handle what the future has in store.


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Come Tech It Out

Geothermal Energy Development - California

Geothermal Energy Development – California (Photo credit: SkyTruth)

The best part about writing a blog, that I have found so far, is the ability to mesh common experience with drop dead tips. I started this month out with a great article about how to avoid over scheduling. The best part about this post is that it’s quite short. If you only have an extra minute, then click the link or run to my main website where I conduct real business at.  I can be found in many places so just get on board however you can before we set sail and allow no new passengers. 

There is no way to explain my relationship with So, I won’t even try but I did provide a great news clip for the entire world to witness the “day the oil companies died.” I take a few important events from the end of March pertaining to alternative energy and conclude that oil will not be the source of energy at the end of my life. It’s quite important info in that one and pays me if you read my articles, so please read.

I have finally set up a blog for everyone to laugh at my daily experiences. Isn’t this fun?  I plan to blog and construct all- important informative articles each and every day. This week I faced the dreaded weekend blog  and performed rather well, in that I actually posted something.  I did blow the chance at a holiday blog post but I had an extremely busy Easter Day. Since the website is much more open to conversation, drop a line and have a good time. 

Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: StSaling)

In the world of self employmentmonkeys are king, at least Japanese macaques. There have been recent observations of micro evolution that show a striking relationship to how we human do business. The monkeys are not only fun to watch but educational as well. I wrote a great article on my website, if you hurry it may still be on the home page. If not click the link in this paragraph, it will take you directly to the article.

This week has been productive in terms of freelance science writing. There have been many updates in the world, as of late, that show signs of our own evolving intelligence. I have been getting my mind dirty with all sorts of science from apes to Kalamazoo. The current projects of making a new theory of everything and transforming the human identify have come to a complete halt so it has left plenty of time to write for the fans and hopefully entice a client of two.




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Tech News: A Physical Approach

Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics

Image by mbaglole via Flickr

The technology age owes most of its advancements to theoretical physics. This month freelance science writing has become much more popular. What better way to celebrate than to read all about the coolest physics as the following website has made January physics month. With a constant stream of physic themed articles designed to teach and discuss the fascinating world of modern physics you’ll want to check out

Also available there

Did you know that Albert Einstein was and still is the most famous scientist in history? Did you also know that he made one of the biggest mistakes in science’s history? You have to find out Einstein’s biggest mistake at the newest freelance science writing website (hint click the links).

But there’s more, and in science writing there is always more. A recent guest blog discussed the importance of long tail keywords, and how science long tail keywords can be used to help the search engines locate the most recent information about any science topic.

The future is in the hands of theoretical physics. As the energy crisis continues toward an apex in 2050, it is important that new ways of looking at the universe become more available. Quantum biology and other interdisciplinary sciences are emerging at historical rates. Alternative energy will need the new understandings and discoveries of these new fields to continue to fight the energy crisis.

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Learn Something New


Image by IsaacMao via Flickr

Tech gear news for tomorrow

Things move fast in the world of technology. Just an update, iPhones are moving to the smaller wrist watch version and portable devices may soon be charge on solar power alone. 

Content is king especially great free content

This goes to show that the world will fight off censorship. Every day thousands of new sites are going online to tell the world the best information, all for free. They might have control over the lawmakers but the masses always prevail. Modern communication leads the way to a sharing caring world, so a time for change is at hand.  Imagine, as John Lennon sang it, “sharing all the world…” Imagine!

Censorship with SOPA

Already corporations lobby for more censorship on the internet. SOPA, designed to help with piracy, intentionally complicates the subject to give corporations ultimate power of what stays on the web and what gets eaten by the spider. If congress passes this act it gives corporations the right to shut down and take a website for pretty much any reason they want. Even, a backlink to the website homepage without permission could be reason enough.

In other news

The word is out, you must learn more science terms!

Science content

It makes life easier too, as logic would follow. The great niche of this working generation becomes providing awesome accurate information on platforms that we dream up.  3D television leads to 3D Internet, what comes next?

It will help daily life as complex technologies wiz by that can make life easier. 

Many jobs available in freelance science writing

For new and experienced science enthusiasts, a new job market is expanding without bounds. By producing great content a multitude of avenues for self syndication becomes available. Speak it, display it, live and breathe it, it is science and it is here to stay.

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